About Us

The Company

PUNNF is a Nigerian company, established by reputable experienced Nigerians in the oil & gas industry to participate and contribute to the emerging ideal of a modern industrialized Nigerian and today PUNNF is an Indigenous Nigeria industry leader in OCTG market with affiliations in the Nigerian Upstream (Production) Drilling and power Sectors of the Nigerian economy.

PUNNF staff and partners bring with then an impressive record of hands-on experience derived from many years of operations in the various segments of the industry in which they have been engaged. PUNNF operates to the group Quality Management System which is in accordance with ISO 9000,and safety and environmental standards which is in accordance with the United Kingdom Health & Safety Executive guidelines HS(G)65.

Our experience in downhole tools sales and rental has resulted in the development of a high quality products and after sales service support. Driven by computerized Asset management System that fellows Manufacturers' recommendation and Customer Specifications.

PUNNF is committed to Indigenous Participation in productivity, and have therefore put an extensive personnel training program in place to ensure that indigenous employees become sufficiently competent to support our services in the West Africa.

Our Vision

To be the one-stop shop for the provision of drilling tools, sales & rental tools,wellhead equipment, OCTG, and associatedwell services as well as outsourcing outfit of coastal petroleum products, provision and support of marine vessels operation and facility management.

Strategic Group Structure

PUNNF group structure involves synergy with reputable tried and tested companies operating in the upstream and downstream oil and Power services industry in Nigeria with mutually beneficial relationship.

Corporate Strategy

Our Corporate Strategy includes the following:

  • We will continue to develop strong strategic alliances with established major equipment, service, technical, and logistics companies both national and international.
  • We will focus on the development of employee through a planned process of continuous improvement.
  • We will continually focus on the development of management by a planned process of performance management.
  • To train and develop a multi-discipline, flexible and mobile workforce.
  • To supply equipment and services of the highest quality at all times.
  • To develop customer confidence by performing above the required standard in order to be the preferred service and equipment provider.

Corporate Governance

PUNNF board and executive has continued to demonstrate very strong commitment to achieving the highest standards of corporate governance, corporate responsibility and risk management in directing and controlling the firm's business.

Although not listed on the stock exchange, the fundamental basis of our drive for effective corporate governance is provided by, and above all, the “code of best practices on corporate governance” and reflects good corporate governance team PUNNF parades an excellent management team with good wealth of experience needed to sustain such conglomerate structure.

PUNNF has the unique advantage of having a Management Tea m comprising of well known professionals and business persons who have made their mark in various industries. The company could only have been brought to the stage where it is, and can be moved forward with men and women of such local and international clout.

There is no doubt that the Management Team of PUNNF Group represents a key factor that continues to garner for i t considerable goodwill and leverage upon which the entire staff structure can build upon. The planned investment in a training facility to act as a central fulcrum for competence development throughout the group suggests a deliberate attempt to enshrine a management culture driven by excellence in service delivery.

Employee development PUNNF places great value in its employees and ensures that they are best-in-class in the industr y by investing in qualitative and intense training for all levels of its employee's structures. Training