• Local Content Development Plan

    PUNNF in line with its sound corporate governance and as a socially responsible Nigeria fully subscribes with the Nigeria Content Directive on the Oil & Gas Industry.

    PUNNF is 100% indigenous companyregistered in Nigeria to provide an extensive range of services to upstream sector of the Oil & Gas industry. The company is managed by a team of professionals comprising of Nigerians and Expatriate with a supporting Nigerian engineering and administrative team.

  • Our Commitment

    Our vision is to provide a one stop shop for the provision of Oil Company and Power Industry equipment tools and associated services both in Nigeria & West Africa. The professional team consists of 99% local people to our operations.

    In order to develop our local content better, PUNNF runs on the job training courses for the management and staff cadre; a mandatory training program for intakes that spreads over one calendar year designed to deliver added value to Nigeria Oil & Gas and Power industries in Nigeria.

Community Relations

We are actively involved in our host community development, training and developing people to become competent oilfield workers, engaging community based contracts, supporting and developing their small and medium sized enterprise by providing work and guidance on how to service corporate organization, to ensure our goodwill and promote a mutual understanding with our host community.



Nigeria for years has been challenged with in-adequate power supply despite surplus of Natural gas. The Federal Government has set aside the budget to boost the power sector. This new initiative across the nation is driving growth in the natural gas and Power industries as a preferred cost effective source for power generation.

Punnf is focused on providing customized solutions, reliable and efficient performance all supported by a sound after-sales Services or operations and maintenance (O&M) program.

As a result, the benefits of a natural gas IPP's are extended to several different sectors in Nigeria, ranging from Petrochemical industries, refineries, drilling, manufacturing, domestic services and smaller sectors.

Our Outlook

We have set our vision at being the provider of energy services, associated equipment and personnel in West Africa.

To actualize this vision, we will leverage on the conglomerate structure and the currently vibrant business opportunities.